Vezer Family vineyard

Vezer-Family-vineyard 1
Vezer-Family-vineyard 2

In my early twenties when I first began buying wine I had no idea what I liked, what was good, or what all the different varietals meant. I was a complete novice. So instead, I would make my purchase solely on which label spoke to me the most. Over the years I’ve learned a few things and can now pick wine on the product itself and not just on looks, but I still enjoy strolling through the aisles, admiring each label, like small works of art.

I was excited to get the opportunity to create my own wine label. I wanted to work with a brand that was in my own backyard. A brand that I associate with yummy dinners at their restaurant and relaxing afternoons in their wineries.

Vezer Family Vineyards is located in Suisun Valley, about 15 miles from Napa, California. Started by Frank and Liz Vezer in 2001, it is a family owned and operated winery.

Frank Vezer lived in Hungary as a child, a heritage he is proud of. I wanted the final design to reflect this as well as the casual warmth and charm found at the Vezer wineries.
I created clean, vector illustrations with lots of detail in a style reminiscent of Hungarian folk art. The name of the vineyard is big and bold to show the importance the Vezers place on family.
Photography: Peter Hansen // Course Packaging 3 // Academy of Art University