John Deere's LegACY Skin Care

jd-skin-care 1
jd-skin-care 2

The project was to take a company that had nothing to do with skin care and make it seem like a believable, legitimate product. I come from a background of farmers and ranchers, so perhaps thats why John Deere came to mind. It’s a company based on hardwork and american ideals that has been around long enough to become an american icon.

With this as part of it’s brand, to name the skincare line Legacy seemed like a natural fit. I wanted to create something for men who work hard, spend most of their time outdoors, and forget to take care of themselves. The finished design feels sophisticated, but familiar enough not to intimidate. A product a working man would feel comfortable using.

The traditional green of John Deere was used to help men who wouldn’t normally think of using skin care feel like it was a product that they were comfortable with.
Tire tread marks were added to the design to pay homage to John Deere’s trademark product as well as create texture.
The products that were chosen to be part of the line were products that farmers and ranchers could really use. A scrub bar to get off all the grime, hand salve to soothe.
Course: Packaging 3 // Academy of Art University