Captured, The Finlay's and the Fae

captured 1
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‘Captured’ is my soujourn into the world of book design. When Lisa M. Birk asked me to create the design and inner illustrations, it was meant to be something simple. But once I began researching and discovering the complexity of Celtic art and design, I knew I would not be able to keep it simple. Lisa has created a beautiful, intricate story. I wanted to create a book cover, as well as interior, that felt beautiful and intricate as well. This book was written with much love and now has a design that is worthy of it.


I hand drew the ‘Captured’ typography to be a reflection of Celtic design, but slighty modernized. For the subtext I looked for a typeface that would feel Celtic, but not too
overdone. I was delighted to discover Celtic Garamond Pro. The rest of the book was set in Garamond. Requiem Italic was used on the chapter headings and dedication for it’s ligatures.


The Celtic symbols and artwork that I created to use throughout the book all have special significance that relates back to the story.

Client: Time Weaver Press // Art Direction: Lisa M. Burke