Arbouretum 1
Arbouretum 2
Arbouretums second album, Rites of Uncovering, is best described as moody and somber, but with a ray of light that gives the listener a feeling of hope. In this repackaging I captured this through the use of black and white photography and bold type.
Arbouretums second album
Arbouretum 3
Arbouretum 4
Arbouretum 5


This project gave me a great excuse to wander the hills and local scenery where I live and grew up, looking for scenes that would capture the sense of loneliness I was looking for.
I found lots of hard, rough textures to photograph and created dark, sharp shadows.
Arbouretum 6
Arbouretum 7


The type treatment is bold and soft at the same time with just one use of color; a bright, clear pop of teal.

Arbouretums TYPOGRAPHY
Course: Graphic Design 2 // Academy of Art University