Hi, I’m Joni Stringfield


I’m a lifelong artist specializing in illustration and graphic design. I live in beautiful Northern California with my husband and two children, one four-legged and one two-legged.

Over my 10 years of freelancing experience I've been able to work on many different aspects of art and design. The best part of my job is the wide range of projects I receive. It stretches my creativity and urges me to reach outside my comfort zone. My main desire is to make sure each client feels that the design or artwork created for them is not just an extension of me, but truly reflects who they are.

When I’m not busy illustrating, painting or designing, you can sometimes find me hiking our hills and pursuing my passion for gardening. Mostly though I chase after my son and have long conversations about lions, bears, police officers, tow trucks and other musings from the three year old world.